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Euro Extender products are recommended by doctors from all over the world, and have users from all parts of the globe!

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CE Certified Penis Enlargement

What is CE Certification?

The CE Certification means that the certified product conforms to the essential requirements set out in the European Directives. The CE marking ensures that the product has met European Union consumer safety, health and environmental requirements. CE stands for Conformité Européenne which means European conformity in French.

Euro Extender is CE Certified

CE Certified DeviceThe Euro Extender System meets all of the CE requirements by providing a high quality, safe, doctor approved, and environmentally conscious product to its consumers on a consistent basis. Euro Extender has earned its CE Certification and is internationally accredited as an effective penis enlargement method.

CE Certification is Globally Recognized

The European Conformity mark known as CE is internationally recognized. A conformity assessment in America or anywhere else in the world will accept the CE mark because the European Conformity requirements are set very high and well publicized. The CE mark has become an international standard, ensuring uniform product assessment all over the world.

Beware of Imitators

Some products contain the CE mark which stands for China Export and not European Conformity standard. These two CE marks are very similar and it is very easy to get confused. The China Export mark has no relevance to European Conformity and only means that you are getting a poor quality Chinese export. Don’t be fooled by the CE mark, companies are illegally placing this logo on their product to trick you into thinking that their product has been certified. Below is an example of the two logos side by side.


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