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Comfort Strap Plus+ Technology

Most Comfortable Penis Extender

The comfort strap plus+ is a breakthrough technology which makes the Euro Extender the most comfortable and efficient penis extender available. It was designed by the X4 Labs engineer department to make your penis bigger with maximum comfort and ease.

Most penis extenders still use the out-dated noose (silicone tube) fastening method which causes several complications such as: discomfort, chafing, pain and loss of blood circulation.

The comfort strap plus+ eliminates all of these problems by introducing a larger surface area between the penis and the device. The comfort strap plus+ allows the Euro Extender to be worn easily and comfortably.

Best Penis Enlargement Results

Don’t be fooled by the name of the Comfort Strap Plus+, it does more than just improve comfort. The comfort strap plus+ greatly improves the efficiency of your penis extender, giving you bigger and faster results. By increasing the surface area between the penis and the device, slippage is completely eliminated and blood circulation is maximized. This ensures that the Euro Extender is always working at maximum potential so you aren’t losing out on any results.

Comfort Strap Improves Safety

When using a noose or silicone tube to fasten the penis extender you are putting yourself at risk of injury. Some low end penis extenders are even known to give the user a much dreaded penis rash. The comfort strap plus+ is made from medical grade silicone so you do not have to worry about any kind of injury or rash. The comfort strap plus+ is completely safe and recommended by doctors over the noose (silicone tube). The comfort strap plus+ is CE certified, making it the safest way to fasten a penis extender to your penis.

Exclusive Comfort Strap Plus+ Benefits

Comfort StrapThe Euro Extender is the only penis extender that currently offers the comfort strap plus+. This gives the Euro Extender a whole bunch of exclusive benefits which you cannot get from other penis extenders. The comfort strap plus+ is wider and longer than the standard comfort strap giving it superior results. This additional size provides equal comfort for men with more girth (penis width) and also makes the strap last longer.

Due to the breakthrough technology packed into comfort strap plus+, the Euro Extender is the most comfortable and most efficient penis extender available.

Beware of Imitators

The Euro Extender, designed and manufactured by X4 Labs is the only penis extender to offer the patented comfort strap plus+ technology.

Other companies may claim to offer the comfort strap plus+ technology, however, the imitation straps have a tendency to wear out, break, or snap. Imitation straps are also more difficult to wear and pose many health hazards. Purchasing an imitation brand can seriously harm your penis.

The Euro Extender comfort strap plus+ technology is durable, washable and reusable. The Euro Extender is backed by a Lifetime Parts Warrantee, so if any parts break they are replaced free of charge.

The Euro Extender is a doctor recommended, clinically proven and CE Certified penis enlargement device.

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