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Penis Enlargement Study

As the Euro Extender has become a popular penis enlargement device, we have sought ways to improve the device's efficiency, as well as to promote its use as a non-surgical alternative to penis enlargement. Our latest efforts and analysis came about during a series of clinical studies conducted on men aged 18-34 and 35-85, with over 2000 people involved in our sample. Doctors from the United States, Europe, and Canada all took part in the latest Euro Extender clinical study by advising patients as well as analysis of results.

“The results of the clinical study were very promising. The average increase in penis size was 33% in length, and 35% in girth. The penis extender can actually provide better results than penis enlargement surgery!”

Below you will find a quick summary of the data found by our clinical study. The results that were achieved during the study were considered to be permanent, and there was no loss of any penis size gained. Another interesting note is that the Euro Extender works on patients of all ages!

Clinical Study 1
Average Gains in Erect Length per Months of Usage
Clinical Study 2
Average Gains in Flaccid Length per Months of Usage

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