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Euro Extender products are recommended by doctors from all over the world, and have users from all parts of the globe!

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Penis Extender Science

Penis Extender Science

Innovative Penis Extender Technology

Engineered by X4 Labs, the Euro Extender uses the latest scientific advances to provide the leading edge in penis enlargement. Every component of the Euro Extender device has been meticulously refined to perfection with the customer in mind. The Euro Extender has numerous exclusive features which change how penis enlargement works within the industry. Simply put, the Euro Extender is a revolutionary penis extender that is years ahead of the competition.

Penis Extender Creates Growth by Cell Division

Penis Extender Works by Cell DivisionThe Euro Extender uses traction to promote cell division within the corpus cavernosum (shaft of the penis). The principle of traction has been used for thousands of years by people all around the world in order to increase the size of various body parts. The most notable example of traction can be found in Thailand where members of the Kayan tribe use rings to stretch the size of their neck. Through extended research, the penis extender has been developed to safely harness the traction force so that it can be applied to the penis. Cell division is the big secret to how to increase penis size. Through cell division the stretched penis becomes filled with more cells until it is no longer under stress. This results in a longer and thicker penis once the penis extender is removed.

Comfort Strap Plus+ Means a Quality Penis Extender

Comfort StrapThe comfort strap plus+ is an exclusive Euro Extender feature that is not available with other devices. Made out of medical grade silicone, the comfort strap plus+ provides ultimate comfort and performance. Read our article about the comfort strap plus+ for more performance information. Thanks to the Comfort Strap Plus+, Euro Extender users will experience the following benefits:

  • More Comfort
  • Faster Results
  • Absolutely No Slippage!
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • No Pain and No Side Effects
  • 100% Safe
  • Extremely Fast and Efficient Results

Penis Extender Hybrid Support Piece

The hybrid support piece allows the Euro Extender to support the comfort strap plus+ and the traditional noose method all in one device. This type of customizability is not available with any other penis extender brand which is why Euro Extender is on the leading edge. Euro Extender lets you choose how to make your penis bigger.

2100g Calibrated Tension Springs

The introduction of the 2100g calibrated tension springs revolutionized the penis extender industry. The engineers at X4 Labs collected and analyzed years of data in order to find the optimal traction force. By optimizing the traction force, Euro Extender is able to provide bigger and faster gains. Using 2100g tension springs is like supercharging your engine.

Space Age Foam

Space Age FoamThe Euro Extender is a luxury model penis extender that offers you the best of everything and padding is no exception. Euro Extender only uses the highest grade space age foam to provide the ultimate comfort in penis enhancement. The space age foam forms to the exact shape of your penis allowing you to wear the device for longer periods of time. Wearing the Euro Extender for longer periods of time allows you to achieve bigger results more quickly.

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